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Corporate Pricing

Contact Mazda of Everett - Seattle WA auto dealer to find out how you can receive corporate discount pricing from our Corporate Pricing Program on your purchase of your new Mazda vehicle. To learn more about Mazda of Everett’s Corporate Discount Program please contact Joe Garcia or George Leckenby at 888.871.8777 or

Read the Mazda of Everett Corporate Pricing Program Terms & Conditions (pdf)


Corporate Pricing Program


#1 What is the idea behind it?

Mazda of Everett has created special programs for Corporations that allow them to receive additional discounts on new vehicles if purchased through the Corporation. As an employee of one of our corporate partners, you may receive additional discounts when buying a vehicle privately. Contact Us.

#2 How did they came up with the program?

The owners of Mazda of Everett are constantly looking for ways to help their customers save money. It is important to Mazda of Everett’s owners to earn long term customers that feel comfortable referring their co-workers and family to Mazda of Everett. This program is just another way that Mazda of Everett can give additional discounts to our customers. To find out if you qualify for any corporate discounts contact us.

#3 When was the program implemented?

The Corporate Discount Program has been in place since Mazda of Everett opened on December 14th, 2004. The owners of Mazda of Everett are always working hard to offer ways for their customers to save money and made sure this program was in place before they opened Mazda of Everett. 

#4 How does it work?

The Corporate Discount Program provides the consumer with additional savings opportunities. There are numerous different programs and variables, in order to find out what Corporate Discounts you qualify for please contact us

#6 What do I need to participate?

In order to see if you are eligible to participate in this program you will need to contact George Leckenby or Joe Garcia. Each company’s discounts and options are a little different. In order to find out what discounts you qualify for please contact us.

#7 What sizes of businesses can participate?

You can participate in this program as an individual if desired. There are numerous options for Corporate discounts. In order to find out what you qualify for please contact us.

#8 How many cars can a company lease/buy under this program?

The number of vehicles that a company can lease or purchase under this Corporate Pricing discount is unlimited. The more vehicles you purchase under this program the larger your discounts are.

Read the Mazda of Everett Corporate Pricing Program Terms & Conditions (pdf)