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Mazda CX-30 Antifreeze Change at Mazda of Everett near Everett 98204

Providing service and maintenance to your engine is vital for its performance and endurance. That’s why it’s important to have the certified technicians at Mazda of Everett’s service department check your Mazda CX-30's antifreeze regularly.

As far as the name ‘antifreeze’ goes, don’t let it fool you, it is not just meant for cold weather. The purpose of this additive is to make fluids that circulate through your internal combustion engine resistant to both heat and cold by elevating their boiling point and lowering their freezing point. Antifreeze also counteracts corrosion, which is good for the upkeep of your vehicle’s intricate systems, since a lot of metals can have an electrochemical reaction if you were to use plain water.

Getting in the right mixture of coolant or antifreeze that your particular vehicle needs is truly a science. The proper ratio needs to be poured in, or else it can damage the engine severely or clog up the cooling system passages. With our professional antifreeze service, you need not worry about that anymore. Since all our technicians are certified, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.

Professional and proper service on your vehicle is the best way to keep it in good shape and long-lasting for years to come. Needless to say, there are just some things you can’t or shouldn’t do yourself. Antifreeze also degrades and needs to be flushed, from time to time, to clean up all the residue and buildup that it collects from circulating through the system. This too is an issue that needs to be carefully addressed by an expert.

Your Mazda CX-30's owner’s manual is always the best guide to help you figure out when your coolant needs to be refreshed. However, other factors such as usage and mileage on your vehicle may significantly alter these estimates, so having one of our technicians do a checkup is not a bad idea. In addition, regardless of what advertising may say, there is no one-brand fits all solution. The make, model, and year of your vehicle are huge variables to consider when getting it serviced. In some cases, the wrong kind of antifreeze will not only disagree with your car’s engine, it can cause major damage.

Value your vehicle and give it the treatment that it deserves, in turn it will remain your reliable companion on the road and suffer fewer issues in the long run. So when it’s time for your car’s next antifreeze replenishing service, think of Mazda of Everett, your local trustworthy dealer.

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Service Management Team

Service and Parts Director Matt Pioli
Matt Pioli
Service and Parts Director
I have been with Mazda of Everett since 2014. My favorite thing about my job is having awesome co-workers who all respect and care for each other. I enjoy spending time with my wife, kids and grandchildren. I also like to ride my Harley and travel.
Service Manager Ann Anderson
Ann Anderson
Service Manager
I have been part of the Mazda of Everett family since 2005. I appreciate that the owners work hard to hire people who work well together and stay for the long haul. In my spare time I like reading, camping and spending time with my husband, our two kids and our pets. I have a dog named Buddy and a cat named Snickers. I currently drive a Mazda3 and I love it!

Service Advisor

Service Advisor Rico Hernandez
Rico Hernandez
Service Advisor
Service Advisor Kevin Hevly
Kevin Hevly
Service Advisor
I joined the Mazda of Everett team in 2005. My favorite thing about Mazda of Everett is having owners who genuinely care for everyone. When I am not at work I love to go fishing and also enjoy football. I have two daughters and one granddaughter who are a very big part of my life! I currently drive a Mazda6 and am very happy with it as well as the overall brand.
Service Advisor Jim Fisher
Jim Fisher
Service Advisor
I have been working at Mazda of Everett since 2015 and my favorite part about working here is my staff. They are some of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with. When I’m not working I enjoy riding motorcycles and playing with my cat, Butters and my dog, Tucker. My first vehicle was a VW Bug and I’m currently driving a MX5 Miata.
Service Advisor Alex Hutt
Alex Hutt
Service Advisor
When I’m not at work I’m golfing and spending time with my family. I currently drive a CX-5 and love it!
Service Advisor Seth McCracken
Seth McCracken
Service Advisor
In my spare time you can find me with my wife, daughter, and our dog Couver. I have 12 years of automotive experience under my belt and have grown to love the industry. I currently drive a Mazda 6!
Service Advisor Chad Fitzpatrick
Chad Fitzpatrick
Service Advisor
I joined the Mazda of Everett family in 2018. For the last 15 years I have been racing cars. Other than that I enjoy camping and boating! I currently drive a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado.

Business Development Ctr/Support

Support Staff Liz Grey
Liz Grey
Support Staff
I have been with Mazda of Everett since December 2010, how time flies. I love the level of customer service offered here and the support we have for our customer and each other.


Service Technician Hector Perez
Hector Perez
Service Technician
I started at Mazda of Everett in 2013 at 16 years old and have worked my way up to be a Senior Technician. I love coming to work with fun coworkers and knowing that we can trust each other. I enjoy hanging around with friends and family. I drive a Mazda CX-5.
Service Technician Ron  Wentz
Ron Wentz
Service Technician
I have worked as a technician for Mazda of Everett since 2010.
Service Technician  Mark  Sarpola
Mark Sarpola
Service Technician
I have been with Mazda of Everett since 2007. I genuinely enjoy working with everyone here, we have a great staff! In my time off I enjoy fishing, golfing and spending time with my wife, three kids and our three dogs. Earlier in life I served in the United States Army. 
Service Technician  Kees Schoo
Kees Schoo
Service Technician
I joined the Mazda of Everett team in 2008. We have a great group of people working here that make my job even more enjoyable. Outside of work I enjoy gardening, working on my 1965 Mustang and spending time with my sisters, nieces and nephews. I have a cat named Salem who is full of personality.
Service Technician Bill Gjerstad
Bill Gjerstad
Service Technician
I have been a technician with the Mazda of Everett team since 2014. I appreciate that we have a great facility and have all the resources we need to get the job done right. It is important to me to provide honest and accurate repair and service on every vehicle that comes through our shop. On my days off I like to volunteer at tourist railroads, camp and hike. I have a tropical fish tank and two cats. My first car was a 1971 Dodge Dart and now I drive a 2015 Mazda CX-5.
Service Technician Denny Dennis
Denny Dennis
Service Technician
I just started working at Mazda of Everett this year and have enjoyed working with the great people and faculty. My first vehicle was a 1950 Ford and now I drive a 1991 F-250. I enjoy riding my Harley and working on my property. I have two dogs named Tinkerbelle and Prince.
Master Certified Technician Doc Westlund
Doc Westlund
Master Certified Technician
I Joined the Mazda of Everett team in 2016. I appreciate that our staff and our customers are all extremely friendly! When I am not at work I enjoy camping and flying. I also enjoy spending time with my wife, our kids and our dog we rescued!

Auto Detailers

Auto Detailer Issac Perez
Issac Perez
Auto Detailer
I have been working at Mazda of Everett for 6 years and my favorite part about working here is how they treat their employees. My first vehicle was a Toyota Tacoma and currently I drive a Mazda Speed 6. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors while swimming, hiking, exploring and taking road trips.
Auto Detailer Jose  Hernandez
Jose Hernandez
Auto Detailer


Service Drive Assistant Dyan Hill
Dyan Hill
Service Drive Assistant