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Mazda of Everett’s Vision

At Mazda of Everett, everything we do is driven by our purpose of identifying potential in our employees and encouraging their growth; recognizing where our strengths lie; making the best use of every opportunity; and following a clear strategy. These objectives guide the philosophy that inspires every individual at Mazda of Everett. This vision influences the company’s structure and plays a vital role in the decision-making process. Our corporate ethos finds its expression in the uncompromising pursuit of the superlative. The result – exceptional customer service that creates long-lasting relationships with new and existing customers.

Identifying Potential, Encouraging Growth

Family-owned, Mazda of Everett is centered around fostering relationships. We consider each employee a member of the family and treat customers with the same kindness and warmth. Our staff is handpicked to complement the Mazda of Everett family and will often opt to stay with us for life. Every step of the way, we encourage our employees to achieve greatness. This materializes in the superb service interactions and the relationships that build thereafter between our employees and our customers. As our family continues to grow, we are committed to identifying the potential within each member and encouraging individual growth.

Recognizing Where Our Strengths Lie

To achieve our aims, we know how to deploy our strengths with an efficiency that is unmatched in the automotive industry. The staff at Mazda of Everett are leaders in the northwest, providing premium products and services for individual mobility. Our staff is continuously working to better their knowledge as well as improve the customer experience, such that each individual leaves feeling like a member of the family and is altogether satisfied with the service they were provided.

Making the Best Use of Every Opportunity

Above all else, Mazda of Everett seeks to take on every opportunity in terms of what brings the most utility to all. We wish to better our employees, our customers, and our community in every decision we make. We are committed to creating a shopping experience that caters primarily to the needs of the customer. We welcome you into our family when you choose Mazda of Everett, taking every extra measure to create a comfortable, thoughtful experience.

Following a Clear Strategy

At Mazda of Everett, the goals we have attained are in essence the point of departure for new challenges. We strive to never settle for what is simply within reach, instead pushing ourselves to constantly achieve more. Our strategic objective of offering the best in customer service is clearly defined. The Mazda of Everett family is steadfast in this guarantee. We attempt to make each and every customer interaction unique and memorable, hoping to prove ourselves as a partner that will provide long-term support and care to both you and your car.

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